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HOT FLASHES: How to Get Relief

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HOT FLASHES: How to Get Relief

HOT FLASHES: How to Get Relief

hot flashes: how to get relief

It’s summer, and for most of the country the heat index is somewhere between hot and OMG! If you’re premenopausal or menopausal, the outside temperature won’t be the only heat you’re dealing with this season.

Learning to tell an impending hot flash from the summer heat can help create a much more comfortable summer.

What are hot flashes?
Perhaps the worst indication of the transition into menopause, hot flashes are usually marked by an intense feeling of heat and are sometimes accompanied by a flushed face and sweating.

Why we experience hot flashes, and, more importantly, who we can blame, is slightly less known.

Usually, the blame is placed on “the change” to a woman’s hormones during peri-menopause and menopause. As your body adjusts to its new life phase, the hypothalamus “the part of the brain responsible for mood and regulating your body’s temperature” becomes increasingly sensitive. ¹

Hot flashes can be over in as quick as thirty seconds or last as long as thirty minutes.

Is it me or is it getting hot in here.
A hot flash feels like an intense heat even when it’s cold. Think standing next to a campfire…in Arizona…when it’s 114 degrees out…while wearing a parka.

When do hot flashes start?
There is no magical age. Think back to junior high. There were girls who were fully developed and ready for womanhood. And then there were the girls who, well… weren’t as blossomed yet.

Some of your friends may have already experienced “the change.” Some won’t for a while yet, and some are right there with you, vigorously fanning themselves at the Friday night football game.

It’s an individual journey that you’ll probably talk to your girlfriends about… A lot.

Some women may experience hot flashes that they barely notice. But some experience drastic changes in their quality-of-life.

Hot flashes can create:

Difficulty sleeping caused when sweating throughout the night continually disrupts sleep.
Decreased concentration — particularly if hot flashes occur at work or in social situations.
Feelings of irritability when it’s difficult to get (and stay) comfortable and sometimes just before a hot flash starts.

Causes of Hot Flashes
Knowing the triggers for your hot flashes probably won’t eradicate them completely, but avoiding them may help reduce the number of incidences. The most common triggers include:

Spicy foods
Hot weather
Heat sources (it might be time to have someone else cook at that hot stove)
Tight clothes

Can I get a little relief?
Relief from hot flashes comes in several forms. Many women start with dietary supplements.3 Favorites include:

Plexus XFactor Plus™*
And, of course, there are some quick lifestyle changes that can help.

Create a cool sleeping environment. Keep a fan running at night. Or, get yourself a chill pillow.
Hypnotherapy  4
Eat a diet rich in Omega 3 5
Sip a cold drink
Wear light layers of clothing made of cool, breathable fabric that help keep air flowing.

HOT FLASHES: How to Get Relief

Whether you experience mild or severe hot flashes, there’s no denying the desire to keep things cool—especially during the summer. Keep your water nearby and try to consciously create a lifestyle conducive to limiting hot flashes.








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