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Plexus MetaBurn is a multi-action blend of botanical leaf, root and seed extracts that are scientifically-demonstrated to help fire up your metabolism enabling you to burn more fat and calories. With MetaBurn, you’ll notice faster weight loss, better fitting clothes, and the confidence that comes from achieving your health and fitness goals.^*

Burn MORE, Weigh LESS* Plexus MetaBurn
Your diet is spot on. Your workouts are on point. Still, that stubborn fat on your waist, thighs, and hips, refuses to budge. What’s wrong?
Crash diets, lack of sleep, stress, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, and even some medications can disrupt your body’s metabolic rate, which is already slowing as you age.1  Maximizing your metabolism with Plexus MetaBurn helps to fast-track your weight loss, burn more calories, and target problematic areas where fat tends to stick around.*2

How MetaBurn Works
MetaBurn’s revolutionary formula delivers the metabolism boost you need to help break through weight loss plateaus and lose more inches. With clinically-studied ingredients like grains of paradise and green tea extract, MetaBurn helps you melt stubborn fat stored in the belly, hip, and thigh areas. Unlike other fat burners, Plexus MetaBurn also features botanical extracts and ingredients like Rhodiola and L-theanine that help to support a healthy mood and increased energy levels. This means you’ll not only burn more fat, lose more inches, and shed more pounds, you’ll also notice an improved mood, sharper mental focus, and a gentle energy lift.*

MetaBurn’s Primary Benefits
• Supports fat burning*
• Helps your body reduce abdominal fat*
• Supports metabolism*
• Supports weight loss*
• Supports mood and focus*
• Supports energy*

MetaBurn’s Advantage
• Includes seven botanical leaf, root and seed extracts used to support fat burning and weight loss*
• Contains 80 mg of caffeine per serving (less than a cup of coffee) to gently lift energy levels*
• Features mood-boosting ingredients like Rhodiola and L-theanine to help improve your mood and mental focus*
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO
• 100% Vegetarian Turn up the heat on weight loss 

Who should use Plexus MetaBurn?
Plexus MetaBurn was created for anyone who wants to outsmart stubborn fat and outmatch frustrating weight loss plateaus. MetaBurn kicks your metabolism into high-gear, delivering faster fat-burning and rapid results when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. To maximize results, you can also use MetaBurn alongside our cutting-edge Weight Management products, which are designed to help curb hunger and support healthier eating and lifestyle habits.*

Did you know?
Excessive stress can slow your metabolism and make it more difficult to manage your weight.3
Our hectic lives often leave us feeling frazzled and tired, making backsliding on a diet or simply calling it quits a very real threat. The mood-enhancing ingredients found in Plexus MetaBurn help to keep you feeling your best, and promote the centered frame of mind you need to achieve your weight loss goals.*


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thermogenic?
Thermogenics increase energy expenditure through metabolic stimulation and help to burn fat. MetaBurn utilizes seven botanical leaf, root and seed extracts to increase our metabolic rate so we burn more calories throughout the day.*

Can I take Plexus MetaBurn™ with other Plexus® products?
MetaBurn is a great addition to a Plexus Weight Management regimen including Slim Microbiome Activating* or Hunger Control*, TriPlexor Lean Meal  replacements. The combining effects of these products are very beneficial to your overall health, help you lose weight and support fat burning. If you take MetaBurn in combination with Plexus Edge, the combined amounts of caffeine are within the safe levels of up to four cups of coffee per day. However, consuming additional caffeine from sources like coffee, tea or soft drinks could increase your levels.^*

Who should take Plexus MetaBurn?
Our MetaBurn is great for anyone looking for a supplement that supports fat burning, increased metabolism, a gentle energy lift, and a healthy mood. MetaBurn is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers or those under the age of 18 years.*

Is MetaBurn an energy supplement?
While you may experience a mild energy lift with MetaBurn, it is not a product that is primarily focused on energy. Instead, its unique, synergistic blend of ingredients support fat burning, boost metabolism, and supports weight loss.*

When is the best time to take Plexus MetaBurn?
It is recommended to take one MetaBurn capsule twice daily, roughly four to six hours apart. This could be once before breakfast and once before lunch. Or, once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon. Do what works best for you and your schedule. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, it is not recommended to take MetaBurn any later than mid afternoon.

How much caffeine is in Plexus MetaBurn?
The amount of caffeine in MetaBurn is less than the equivalent of one cup of home-brewed coffee. One cup of home-brewed coffee has approximately 90mg of caffeine and MetaBurn contains 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

Is Plexus MetaBurn safe?
MetaBurn utilizes seven botanical leaf, root and seed extracts to naturally support your body’s metabolism, aid in fat burning, provide a mild energy lift, and support mood and focus. These ingredients have been extensively studied in clinical research with a long history of safe use at the levels found in MetaBurn.*

Can Plexus MetaBurn be used by children under the age of 18?
Our Plexus MetaBurn is not recommended for use by children under 18 because the product was formulated to meet the needs of adults.


Plexus MetaBurn Ingredients

Grains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta):
Also knowns as alligator or Guinea pepper, this West African plant related to the ginger family is commonly used as a spice and contributes metabolism enhancing benefits.*

An amino acid most commonly found in green tea helps to increase a sense of alertness and support a healthy mood.*

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea):
Is a low-growing perennial plant with yellow flowers used as an
adaptogen. In MetaBurn, Rhodiola helps to support a healthy mood.*

Plexus MetaBurn Ingredients

^When combined with a reduced calorie weight loss diet plan.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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