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Monthly Archive June 2017

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What exactly is Plexus Worldwide®

It all started in early 2011 when Plexus Worldwide®  launched the synergistic product combination of Plexus Slim™ and Plexus Accelerator®. The initial results were extremely impressive and sales have grown dramatically month over month due to continued results.  Plexus Worldwide’s® core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible. These beliefs encompass all that we do. You, the consumer, can have confidence in the quality of Plexus products, the commitment to our Ambassadors, and the support we will provide to help you succeed.


Plexus Worldwide® Executives

Plexus Worldwide®

TARL ROBINSON, Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of our Ambassadors and Employees we thank you for taking your time to get to know Plexus. You have our commitment to quality and excellence in each and every product we offer. We think you will agree that our products, along with the opportunity to become an Ambassador, have the potential to provide great benefits and even life changing results. Our wish for you is health, hope and prosperity. Best Wishes!

alec clark president plexus

ALEC CLARK, President

 Real People, Real Results. That’s who we are. Hundreds of thousands of lives are being effected by Plexus Worldwide® in a positive way every day. For many this means better health, for others life changing weight loss success. For some the ability to breathe again financially and others the magic of true time freedom. If you want to experience life in a better way, don’t delay. Start your journey today. Live healthy, love life, and be Plexus.

steve howard CFO plexus

STEVE HOWARD, Chief Financial Officer

 Plexus is defined in the dictionary as “an interwoven combination of parts or elements in a structure or system.” It seems to describe very well the way our people, products, culture and rewards intersect to promote health, wealth and personal development. And the result has been enormous growth and progress for Plexus, but it doesn’t end here. As we aim toward even greater heights in the future, we remember the words of Benjamin Franklin that “without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”

Keith Jackson, chief operations officer plexus

KEITH JACKSON, Chief Operations Officer

We at Plexus are so proud of our products and our Ambassadors – such a positive impact in so many ways. The many testimonials we have attest to the products and the business opportunity are a key part of what makes Plexus great.

Mary Ann Luciano, VP of plexus ambassador education

MARY ANN LUCIANO, VP of Ambassador Education

There are three essential components to successful training: education, motivation, and inspiration. That certainly applies to Plexus as we are a company whose Ambassadors truly shine in all three. We start by introducing potential customers to our wonderful products and educating them about the importance of taking better care of their health. As happy satisfied customers they are motivated to share their personal success stories which inspire others to join the Plexus family. We are so proud that we are changing lives.

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