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Lean’s protein-packed and prebiotic fiber are here to support you on your weight loss^ journey. Using Lean is simple. If you’re looking to lose weight^, simply replace two of your usual meals each day. If you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight, replace one meal per day with Lean. If you’re hungry between meals and need a snack … shake up some Lean.

If you’re like me, you like a great recipe to use your Plexus Lean in.

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Are you benefiting from the power of protein?
Want to improve your overall health? Plexus Lean can help. It’s packed with 20 grams of protein, plus 24 essential vitamins & minerals, making this the perfect on-the-go-meal or snack. You’ll also love the delicious chocolate mocha flavor!

plexus lean

Fuel up, Lean up.

The road to a leaner, lighter, healthier you is now much easier with Plexus Lean, the supercharged, 100% vegetarian meal replacement that delivers nutrition, weight loss benefits^ and energy – all with a smooth, delicious taste. Plexus Lean contains 20 grams of luxuriously smooth pea and rice protein, 24 highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals, 7g of dietary and prebiotic fiber, and leucine, all in a delicious shake free from GMOs and common allergens like soy, gluten, and dairy.


Plexus Lean Benefits

  • Delivers a nutritious, filling meal in the form of a delicious shake Meal or Snack
  • Supports weight loss^
  • Satisfies and controls hunger with high protein and fiber
  • Provides energy for an active lifestyle
  • Supports digestive system health with 7 grams of dietary and prebiotic fiber
  • Helps build muscle with 2 grams of leucine per serving
  • Provides 20 g of plant protein to support muscle growth in combination with exercise ^When combined with a weight loss diet plan

Lean Features

  • 20 grams of ultra-pure, plant-based non-GMO protein from pea, rice, and six ancient grains (sacha inchi, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, chia)
  • 7 grams of dietary fiber, including prebiotic fiber to support digestion
  • 2 grams of leucine for muscle support
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Highly bioactive 5-MTHF Folate
  • Highly bioavailable and bioactive forms of other vitamins like B-Vitamins, Calcium, Vitamins A, D, Zinc and more
  • Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), a plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Free from common allergens: soy, gluten and dairy
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners
  • Free of preservatives, cholesterol, carrageenan, and magnesium stearate

For a meal, blend or stir 2 scoops (60 g) with 10-12 oz. of cold water. For a snack, blend or stir 1 scoop (30 g) with 4-6 oz. of cold water.

Plexus Lean Ingredients

nourish one feeding america

When you shake up a serving of Lean you’re also helping a child or family in need.

Sharing health, happiness and hope.

What is Nourish One?
Plexus and Plexus Charities have joined together to launch Nourish One™, an initiative where a meal for you means a meal* for a hungry child or family in need.

Nourish yourself. Feed another.
With Nourish One, when you shake up a serving of Plexus Lean you’re also helping a child or family in need. For every serving of Plexus Lean you purchase, Plexus, through our philanthropic organization Plexus Charities, gives a contribution to Feeding America® – the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks. Even better, there is no cap on the amount donated from Plexus Lean purchases. 

One serving for you = one meal for another. It’s that simple.

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Give Lean a try today!

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The Plexus Preferred Customer program

plexus 60 day money back guarantee

what is a plexus preferred customerTry Plexus Products Risk-Free! 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
 We are 100% committed to your health and happiness, and want your  absolute satisfaction as a Plexus customer. If you are unsatisfied with  a product, you have a full 60 days from the date of purchase to request  a full, prompt refund. No hassles, no questions.

 Please note:
This guarantee can only be used once per product and excludes certain promotional items. 

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